1. E-Journal of Yasar University is a peer reviewed journal principally published online, quarterly a year. Anyway, special issues on specific topics (including Liber Amicorum) of the journal could be published and pressed.

2. This is a journal focusing on business administration, economics, and considering articles, case notes and comments,  and other similar type of papers which are written in English and Turkish.

3. The articles sent to publish in January/April/July/October issues have to be delivered to the editor until and at most 15 November/15 February/15 May/15 August.Otherwise, or any delay occurs about review period, the articles should only be published in the next issues of the journal. 

4. E-Journal will be published in 15th day of the same month as online for October and April issues; January and July issues are also be published in 20th day of the same month as online at http://dergipark.ulakbim.gov.tr/jyasar .

5. Articles that will be sent to the editor should not be published elsewhere, nor be submitted to other journals simultaneously.

6.  The paper  must be written according to E-JoY’s Format.

7.  Softcopy of the article should be submitted online. There is no need to submit any hardcopy of the article.

8.  Each submission should contain a Turkish (only for Turkish authors) and English abstract.

9. All articles should be accompanied by a sufficient number of keywords in Turkish (only for Turkish authors) and English that reflect the content of the article.

10. All submissions are regarded as ready to publish and already proofread by the author himself or herself.

11.  Articles will be initially be pre-examined by the editorial board before submitting to the Publication Board. After the evaluation of the Publication Board, the submissions will be sent to at least two anonymous peer reviewer, who is (are) determined by the board. In case of approval, rejection or proposed amendments, the contributor(s) will be informed (generally via e-mail) in adequate detail and provided with a copy of reviewer’s report. Whenever needed or necessary, a reviewed and amended submission may be sent to a second reviewer.

12.  All articles submitted are subject to a blind peer review. The identity of author(s) and reviewer(s) will not be revealed to the other party.

13.  All reviewers’ evaluation reports will be kept for at least five years after publication and copies of these reports will be sent to the ULAKBIM (Turkish Academic Network and Information Centre) Social and Human Sciences Database Committee whenever required.

14. Each published issue of the Journal will be uploaded as a PDF file to the Online Journal Watch System of ULAKBIM (ODIS).

15. Soft copies of article published online (and whenever published and pressed the hardcopy of it) will be sent both to the author(s) and to the reviewer(s).